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Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation

Our Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation forum is moderated by Caroline Gould, the founder and manager of Vale Wildlife Hospital & Rehabilitation Centrein Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, a purpose-built wildlife hospital on a 30-acre site, dealing with between 4 - 5,000 casualties every year.

They have the capabilities to deal with any eventuality and the hospital is equipped with full veterinary facilities including x-rays and intensive care. Their aim is to release casualties back into their natural environment as soon as they are fit. Vale Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre is now recognised as one of the leading authorities on wildlife rescue and rehabilitation in the UK. 
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Fox in back garden   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by Ben
87,5666411/05/2015 07:19PM
Last Post by Jamie Goff


by tania ardell
3,084111/04/2015 10:47PM
Last Post by tania ardell


by Gloria Gifford
3,864105/09/2015 09:31AM
Last Post by Gloria Gifford

fox with cubs under garden shed

by Alan Cramp
4,311103/03/2015 06:55PM
Last Post by Alan Cramp

Injured fox

by megevebear
3,956205/09/2014 11:49AM
Last Post by Caroline Gould

picked up a beautiful bird

by Elmien le Roux
5,533105/20/2013 01:05PM
Last Post by Elmien le Roux

Out of date raw chicken to fox?

by Matt
6,929108/07/2012 04:37PM
Last Post by Matt

job vacancies

by emma king
6,949104/25/2012 08:00PM
Last Post by emma king

Duck- swollen leg

by Cindy
12,599512/03/2011 09:23PM
Last Post by katrina bliss

Will this baby squirrel survive?! Help :O

by Lyndsay
6,940110/11/2011 12:51AM
Last Post by Lyndsay

Very Ill mouse

by Matthew Morgan
5,260208/22/2011 04:23AM
Last Post by Dave Larson

Found A Wild Rabbit

by Natz
7,883407/21/2011 01:41PM
Last Post by Markb

wounded squirrel , please help

by rocks
11,0071306/09/2011 05:55PM
Last Post by reena

Poorly adult blackbird, no visable injuries except missing tail

by AnnieBirdy
6,616106/07/2011 06:54PM
Last Post by AnnieBirdy

Sickly Pheasant

by SQ9
4,966203/22/2011 05:56PM
Last Post by SQ9

Paid position as wildlife assistant

by Karra
7,354107/15/2010 08:52AM
Last Post by Karra

Advice needed regarding caring for abandond baby ducklings?

by Teddybear
6,826106/16/2010 04:01PM
Last Post by Teddybear

Wild bird pecking at our side door ?

by lucy.orca
6,408104/20/2010 08:05PM
Last Post by lucy.orca

Risk of leptospirosis in wild mouse brought over by cat in Thailand

by AnonSolutions
6,137112/11/2009 07:09AM
Last Post by AnonSolutions

Dog fox, possible broken tail

by Izzy
5,805411/17/2009 01:20AM
Last Post by Izzy

Nice Rehabilitation video

by roojai
5,942108/20/2009 08:57AM
Last Post by roojai

Hedgehog - Green Faeces

by Steve King
12,1361108/01/2009 08:48PM
Last Post by jacqueline

jackdaw fledgling

by sammo
6,770106/04/2009 09:42PM
Last Post by sammo

Pheasant with a poorly foot

by sillymoo1983
10,951205/24/2009 12:11PM
Last Post by Caroline Gould

Italian vet

by selene
5,289202/23/2009 03:38PM
Last Post by Caroline Gould

Fox Living in the Back Garden

by Darren_StHelens
5,081211/20/2008 02:27PM
Last Post by Caroline Gould

Squirral or Rat?

by Victoria
5,430410/22/2008 09:35AM
Last Post by Caroline Gould

wildlife internship

by viobis
8,012405/09/2008 03:04AM
Last Post by jellieton

Tortoise Importation Ban

by tpgdarren
6,786104/10/2007 09:18PM
Last Post by tpgdarren

Wildlife treatment within the law

by Richard Edwards
6,927311/18/2006 05:27PM
Last Post by Walter Beswick

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