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Wobbly cat after sleeping

Posted by MPB 
Wobbly cat after sleeping
February 12, 2016 05:18PM

A week ago my 12 year old ginger tom came to me and flopped down at my feet. My first though was that he had fallen off the bed and hurt his left from paw. His front paw was all stiff and after rubbing it a bit he seemed all better. 2 days later he was sleeping on the bed and became agitated and jumped off the bed. His back legs were weak and he was floppy, but could still walk. We rushed him to the emergency vet who checked him over thoroughly. He found nothing wrong with him, with only a slight agitation reaction( pulls his fur up when touched) on his lower back. But this is completely normal for him. Another 2 days later, he did it again. Again he was sleeping and struggled to get up. Takes him a minute and he is back to normal. We took him to our local vet who suggests it might be seizures and therefore probably a brain tumour. So right now, it's wait and see to see how it progresses and whether we should send him to see a specialist and have an MRI done. He has no other symptoms. Eating/drinking normally. No weight loss. Indoor cat, so no access to anything harmful.

The local vet said it was probably seizures if it seems to affect his cognance. But I was watching him this evening when it happened again. He had been sleeping all afternoon. His tail curls a little, like in the shape of a question mark. He tries to get up, but his legs are slow to respond. He seems resigned to the fact and seems to just wait it out. He is fully responsive while it is happening and even purrs and responds to touch with head nudges. He was even playful and batted at a passing ant, which to me suggests it's not a painful experience.

So if it's not seizures, what could the other possibilities be?

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