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Kati kai
Sick puppy, So many problems but few answers
January 19, 2016 03:54AM
Im having some problems with my pup and i wanted another opinion or perspective.
1-diagnosed with kennel cough and a rash early december (vet said rash was from kennel cough)
-was on antibiotics and topical itch spray for 3 weeks
2-rash got severely worse and he has had the runs for about 3 days, vet said he has mites (demodex)
-on more antibiotics,an antiparacidic, and medicine to stop him from having the runs
3-next day he wont eat, the following evening he throws up his breakfast which was not digested at all. A couple hours after that he breaks out with big bumps all over his body. Hes also it itching.
-we take him to the ER and he is given a steroid shot. The vet said he must have gotten some kind of sting.
-today he has had the runs and continues to break out in bumps so we gave him benedryl.
-he just threw up his breakfast again which has not been digested whatsoever and continues to have bumps

I made a vet apt for tomorrow but im scared to feed him. Should i wait to feed him or make some mashed sweet potato? Also do you think anything sounds strange?

Thank you SO much!

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