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Odd Cat behavior and concerns....

Posted by Wames 
Odd Cat behavior and concerns....
January 18, 2016 08:54PM
I have a cat who is 6-7 years old now. I got her as a kitten but exactly how old, one knows, estimate 12-16 weeks. She was a totally feral cat, born in an alley and unfortunately, she was one a few survivors after being poisoned with anti-freeze. After being released from vet care, I adopted her and it's taken me years, and mean years of diligent, gentle and very deliberate measure to gaining her trust. The past year has been a miracle, she comes when I call, I can actually pet her (carefully) while standing. When sitting, she will come to me and even sleeps in my lap and lately, sleeps in the bed with me at night. But, she has suffered from bladder problems and had a really rough spell of idiopathic vestibular disease. She's the most gentle animal I have ever owned. She never scratches or bites, even when cornered. She still runs away at the slightest sign of trouble. Sudden movements and poof, she's gone. I can't grab her at all. If she even thinks I am gonna grab her, she gone. Taking her to vet is almost impossible. The last time we tried, she broke through the locked cat door at mach one speed and disappeared for hours.

Lately though, she's started chasing her tail and trying to catch it and bite it. She will get in the kitchen do this for a long time. She goes in other rooms of the house and cries, and cries like she's lost and afraid. At night, stands on the floor at foot of bed and cries and cries till I call her up on the bed. She's started to have a really hefty appetite too. No matter how much I feed her, she's starving.

She's a odd cat so perhaps this is all just boredom/aging issues but I worry about her. She's been through so much and I'd hate to overlook something important.


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