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8 yr old Cat loss of weight, muscle bad breath

Posted by csandersmeow 
8 yr old Cat loss of weight, muscle bad breath
January 24, 2016 09:06PM
i have a older cat he has recently over the past year started to thin out hi is still very active, loves to play, eat but his breath has now started to stink like a rotten garbage dump. he has started to drink alot. his litter box looks like some one has emptied a gallon of water in it. he has now upgraded to vomiting all around the house, counter tops, floors, bedrooms. just today he had an accident in the bedroom but it smells faintly of urine not the strong sent he is so well known for. At first i thought him being a in door cat know is why he has lost the weight but these new symptoms are much harder to ignore. any help he is part of the family and it is hard seeing him struggle with the everyday.

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