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Frontline allergy

Posted by Laura 
Re: Frontline allergy
November 23, 2009 04:36PM

I would not think that your rash is anything to do with Frontline.

Re: Frontline allergy
November 25, 2009 08:40PM
I have 2 miniature poodles and have used frontline on 2 occasions and have now linked it to their skin becoming dry, itchy, red and also they give off a very unpleasant odour. I didn't connect this first time round and I treated them with anti-fungal shampoo, they were fine and now it's happened again since using Frontline.
Re: Frontline allergy
December 03, 2009 08:31PM
I gave my dog frontline yesterday and today he has broken out in large hives all over his body i have given him piriton but will be taking him to the vet asap. I will NOT be giving him this treatment again.
Re: Frontline allergy
December 06, 2009 09:50AM
hi,my swissy has been on antibiotics and prednisone for 6 months because of his entire back flaking and redness.i have long suspected frontline.i gave another application last night and am hoping i didnt do the wrong thing as the vet tells me i must keep him on it and there is nothing wrong with it.i did however stray from my vets procedures without telling them.i am now trying digestive enhancer,clora care and coconut oil from for the past week while weening him off pred and stoped the antibiotics.there is some improvement.i pray this will work and am concidering never to use frontline again.
Re: Frontline allergy
December 06, 2009 10:10AM
Hi, Peter,

How about suggesting to your vet that he takes a look at this web-site?

Re: Frontline allergy
December 23, 2009 09:06AM
I applied frontline spot on my two cats in may 2009. They were 1 year old at the time brother and sister. The male was fine but the female started developing itchiness on the application site and on her face. She had swollen eyelids that became infected scratches around her mouth and red ear and also a swollen red anus. Her fur fell off in parts All the blood test and biopsies came back negative about any other underlying illness and the conclusion was it could very well be an allergic reaction to frontline. The frontline company agreed to pay for half the vet bills. The problem is that this cat has never really recovered fro this and she sometimes looks like she is getting better but then she starts scratching again It is now christmas and although the symptoms are less acute than straight after the application of frontline she still scratches herself until she bleeds on her face she still has swollen eyelids and red ears and red swollen anus. The vet gave her antibiotics, steroids and a prednisole cream but I worry she will have a shortened lifespan because of this drug and she might go on developing cancer. Has anyone else experienced something similar please let me know.
Makeup lady
Re: Frontline allergy
December 27, 2009 03:37AM
Your story is so sad and our hearts feel for you. I too gave my 7 yr old yorkie frontline. Not the first time. Within 2 hours she too had a reation. Crying, rubbing her head, couldn't get comfortable. Tried to wash it off. Held her all night like a baby. Took her to the vet he gave her prednisone didnt help. Gave her pill form for the next 3 days.Her skin was bright red, bathed her w soothing shampoo from my vet, her skin was purple almost black! She wouldnt eat, get up, just laid there out of it. Brought her to vet every day, she vomiting & was so weak she was hospitalized for 3 days. When I picked her up she had ozing pus-filled lesions all over her body, The top of her head the worse. They tried different meds but none of them helped. The dr's didnt think she was gonna make it. I hand fed her, held her and nursed her back to health...2 weeks. She started to get up...the scabs fell of and she was completly bald on the top of her head, she has scars on the inside of her ears and everywhere the lesions where. It took a month for her to get back to herself. I put her on herbs from a homeopathic vet . Her hair is growing back and her skin is dry and flakey. The whole time I was reporting back to Merial and they told me this was unusual, I know better. There are many sites with many,many people posting there stories. I felt so guilty for doing this to my little girl, my kids where so upset seeing her like that. I cant even imagine how sad and guilty you feel. They need to fix this huge problem they refuse to believe they have. I have sent them documents, vet bills, pictures. They have offered to give me less than half of my expenses (still sticking to there story of how this couldn't be from there product) and some legal papers to sign.Not good enough.
I am thankful she has pulled through this ordeal but I too do not want this to happen to any other animal.
K. Sinclair
Re: Frontline allergy & adverse recation
January 03, 2010 01:23AM
My 1 1/2 year old, 3.5 pd teacup yorkie had his 2nd dose of frontline for dogs 0-22 pds 3 days ago. The first time he was dosed he became weak, feverish, lethargic, refused to drink or eat and shivered. I thought he had gotten into something that made him sick. I ended up having to give him Clavamox because his fever indicated a viral or bacterial infection, he became well after 24hrs. With this 2nd dose the same symptoms are resurfacing again. But now I am worried that since this is basically his second round of being poisoned will the reaction be worse or even fatal? I have started the Clavamox again, due to the high fever. The only liquid he will drink is watered down milk. Will the milk make his fever higher? If he does not drink the milk won't he dehydrate? I do not trust vets as they seem to be interested in the money side of things. So my questions are - how can I keep him hydrated and flush the poison out of his system? Also, would it help to bathe him - even though it's been 4 days? Should I consider this an allergic reaction and try to give him Benedryl along with the Clavamox? His skin shows no irritation at the site.
Re: Frontline allergy & adverse recation
January 03, 2010 04:14PM

Were you prescribed Clavamox by the vet? If the reaction was due to Frontline I do not see how Clavamox would help. Milk should not add to the problem.
I suggest that you do not u Frontilne again, and that you report the reaction on a 'yellow form which you can download from

Laura Compton
Re: Frontline allergy
January 14, 2010 12:56AM
I have a ten year old Westie. He's always been healthy. For a couple years I'd been faithfully applying Frontline, but early summer of '09 he started developing allergic conditions that were mysterious to my vet and to myself. All these posts about Frontline seem to offer a viable explanation. My dog has become so itchy all over his back and down the sides of his back that he's lost a lot of hair. His back is inflamed, often greasy, and he continues to develop small bumps on his back which always seem to be at the center of the irritation. As well, he licks his paws a great deal. This condition has stayed with him now for 8 months. I stopped using Frontline in the summer of '09, because I didn't want to put anything else in his system while he was dealing with this. So I hadn't considered that Frontline could be the cause until recently, as I've wracked my brain trying to determine what changed in his lifestyle to bring this on.

The posts I've read here seem to make sense with regard to my dog's conditions. Especially reading that once this stuff gets in a dog's glands it's there for good. That would explain why this condition won't go away. Sometimes he's just miserable from itching so badly, and at its worst he ends up with open sores on his back. I'm going to write to one of the folks who posted here, David Feinberg, as he mentioned that his cousin actually did the testing on Frontline. I'll try washing him more often, as it seemed to help the dog of the writer named Kathryn. Also, in my attempt to help my dog heal, I've put him on the highest level of grain-free dog food, no by-products, etc, and this seems to help a little. Maybe the good food gives his body more strength to fight this terrible reaction. His favorite is Weruva, if anyone is interested. Excellent dogfood.

My heart goes out to all those whose dogs have suffered from this stuff. Frustration and heartbreak... Any other suggestions would of course be very welcome.
Julie Jones
Re: Frontline allergy
January 30, 2010 11:05PM
Frontline contains a neuro toxin called Fipronel, it can cause a variety of reactions, skin problems & can & does cause fits in dogs & cats.

I had heard of this but I still used it on my dogs, sparingly maybe twice a year. I just thought people were overacting.

Until 2yrs ago when my lovely promising young pup had a seizure 3days after applying frontline, this continued once a month for the same 3 days, he would have cluster seizures & be left in a state for 2weeks then return to normal only for it to happen again.

Thankfully 2yrs later he is seizure free & is on no medication, there is no epilepsy in this boys lines so why do he fit.

This is becoming more & more of a problem yet Meriel deny any such thing, just have a google & see what you can dig up.

All the dogs that have reacted have had the same story, 3 - 5 days after application (the time it takes for the neuro toxin to get into the blood stream) & then fit for a few months only to get better.

Some cases you don't even need to apply it, they just need to be in the same room as an animal that has.

Are you really willing to take a chance, I so wish I hadn't but my boy through that hell. It has taken 2yrs to get him his confidence back
Re: Frontline allergy
March 25, 2010 06:37PM
Annie here, in France. Wow - I am glad I found this. My little Lurcher has a reaction to Frontline. I first dosed her when she was 8 months old and she went crazy for several hours afterwards. Today I did it again and the same thing happened only worse. So far I can't see a physical symptom other than the fact that she is really uncomfortable and unhappy, trying to roll in the dust, scrape herself against the wall, etc. It's vital that she has a treatment because Laichmanose is a real problem here. I will go to the vet about it, but perhaps the makers of Frontline should be told and I wonder if there is an alternative that I might be able to point the French vet to....I certainly will not want to use this again. If you know of an alternative medicine please let me know. They all use Frontline here.
Re: Frontline allergy
March 25, 2010 08:08PM

I use ADVANTIX on my dog withouit any adverse effects. Your vet should be able to supply it.
Re: Frontline allergy
March 31, 2010 08:07PM
my old staffy had seizures and collapsed after any exertion or excitement after using frontline for the first time in her 13 years, the vet said it she had a heart murmur and water on the lungs, from a perfectly healthy dog to wondering if we would still have her for a month, luckily for us and t.l.c. she has pulled through, and is running around again with no signs of breathlessness or fainting, i know we wont have her for too many years but another two is certainly in line, as she will NEVER have frontline again
Mr mac
Re: Frontline allergy
April 01, 2010 08:35PM
Here's a funny thing my dog has a allergic reaction to some thing we have spent the last 2 years trying to work out what it was we have just upped his dose of frontline as his weight has gone up and he is red raw all over think we have worked it out now poor sod has scached him self red raw whilst we were at work I can't beleve we did not think of that what else can we use?
Re: Frontline allergy
April 02, 2010 07:25AM
I use Advocat or Advantix on my dog, and have ssen no adverse effects.
Re: Frontline allergy
April 02, 2010 12:54PM
I'm so shocked to read all these stories. I can't believe Frontline do not put a warning on the packet so people know immediately what is causing the problem. What is even more shocking and worrying is the amount of stories that tell of how the vet did not know what the problem was and, in many cases, even advised more doses of Frontline. It does seem to be a known problem (you can obviously see something is not right from all these responses) and I can't believe it is being ignored and swept under the carpet like this. It could be certain batches by the sounds of some of the stories. I think it needs better investigating by the company that makes it, see if theres a batch that keeps cropping up in cases like this or something at least. Obviously it is only a small amount of cases but vets should ALL be aware to look out for these kind of things (lumps, redness, itching, strange withdrawn behaviour etc as described in these stories) so they can advise pet owners accordingly should the worst happen. I really can't believe how many vets are not aware of these possible side effects. I have a new puppy who has not been frontlined yet and I am now seriously considering not giving it to her. At least I am aware of this now although being aware doesn't help if your dogs comes out in oozing sores. I will ask my vet when she goes for her jabs next week. I really hope the vet is aware of this problem, if not I think I will advise them of the website.
Re: Frontline allergy
April 03, 2010 08:36AM
hi, i have used frontline on my dog and he has been lame for a couple of days. he is not eating and vomiting. should we take him to the vets??
Re: Frontline allergy
April 03, 2010 01:58PM
You do not say how long it is since you used the Frontline, but they may or may not be connected.
He needs seeing by a vet as soon as possible if the vomiting continues.
Re: Frontline allergy
April 10, 2010 11:36AM
Hi, I was told about your website by a friend. I have a 2 1/2 year old bearded collie and he has suddenly come out in scabby lumps. They first appeared 6 weeks ago but have become more pronounced after his last dose of Frontline at the end of March. We have taken him to the vets who have prescribed 2 doses of anti-biotic and some medicated shampoo, but nothing has really made much difference. I have to take him back next week for some tests to be done, but after reading your posts I think my first thing will be to mention a reaction to Frontline and see what he says.
Re: Frontline allergy
April 10, 2010 02:32PM
I think that is a good idea.

I would siggest steroid cream or tabletts as treatment to get the sores to heal more quickly - obtainable from your vet.
Re: Frontline allergy
April 19, 2010 05:49PM
Hello W,

Your comment along with many others confirms my suspicions about frontline. I have been giving it to my 9-month-old Samoyed puppy for 3 months now and he has been fine until the beginning of his last treatment. I noticed he scratches all day in the area where I applied the medicine. I am now considering more organic options. I noticed you said you use garlic powder. How do you apply it? and how much of it?

Thank you so much,

Re: Frontline allergy
April 20, 2010 07:55AM
Hi, Lucy,

I have never suggetsed using garlic powder for flea control - maybe some other reader made that suggestion.
On my dog I use Advantx or Advocat 'spot-on' - I have no reports of adverse reactions to either product.

Re: Frontline allergy
April 20, 2010 04:26PM
I agree wholeheartedly. Besides, since this post EPA is in agreement with Eithna. So she was correct. Yet if you go on Meridia's website, frontline manufacturer, they list no side effects except dermal irritation. Even though the EPA list heavy salivation, vomiting, seizures, trembling and death. ANd cases increased by more than 40,000 cases in just one year.
Re: Frontline allergy
May 01, 2010 10:13PM
Every time we use Frontline, our husky/border collie suffers from vomiting and loose bowels. Does anyone else have the same problems? Am switching to Advantix the next time to see if she has the same reaction
Re: Frontline allergy
May 23, 2010 06:52PM
WOW! I am overwhelmed by the reports of seizures in dogs after using Frontline. After my 4 year old cocker mix had her first seizure yesterday, I started researching causes of seizures, and found flea and tick meds. I gave her Frontline 2 or 3 days ago. This is the same amount of time that others are reporting that it gets into the bloodstream. I had just switched to Frontline from Advantix, which she had been on for years. This was her second dose. Last time I gave it to her she started trembling 2 days later, which lasted 2 weeks. I took her to the vet and they couldn't find the cause. I didn't make the connection until now. I will never use Frontline again and will report this to my vet tomorrow.
Re: Frontline allergy
June 03, 2010 09:07PM
I've recently had my dog (German Shepard) cleared of a skin problem on her back, the vet gave me antibiotics and shampoo. For a good year she had lots of hair loss and patches of greasy fur which then turned infectious around the area with weeping scabs evident. It's has been along time since I've seen my 9 year old dog so healthy since the treatment, she has a great coat of hair and her activity and playfulness has been superb. Before taking her to the vet she was starting to look more like a large rat looking creature, which not only looked upsetting, but my poor dog still struggled through, to go for walks and play. So now for the reason I'm writing this, in the last three weeks I decided to put frontline back on the dog again after leaving it for 4 months whilst she had treatment. In the last week I started to notice a patch of greasy fur exactually where I applied the treatment, then dead tuffs of fur after a few more days and now a skin infection about 3 inches in diameter, when I touch the area her skin shudders in pain. I have fully washed her all down now and I'm worried about her condition once again, there is without doubt in my mind that this repeat skin problem is only down to frontline, AGAIN !!
Re: Frontline allergy
June 11, 2010 10:36AM

If you want an alternative to pesticide flea treatment try diatomaceous earth. It is a powder made of fossilized phytoplancton. It works really well. I would strongly recommend it to anyone especially those who have a pet who reacted badly to the conventional insecticides flea treatments like frontline. Diatomaceous earth is completely natural non toxic. It is used by farmers. Just take care not to breath it in because it can cause lungs irritation.

I have been using this last month to keep my poor cat free from fleas. She is still suffering from the Frontline I applied on her. It is over a year ago now. She is still very itchy and she has to wear a cone around her head all the time otherwise she will scratch her face and neck until it bleeds all over. I told my vet that I found this product diatomaceous earth and he already knew about it. He agreed that this was the best thing to apply on her from now on.

I bought it from a website []. They say that
when diatomaceous earth comes in contact with the insects, the sharp edges lacerate the bugs waxy exoskeleton and then the powdery diatomaceous earth absorbs the body fluids causing death from dehydration.

I do hope your dog has now recovered from the Frontline.
Re: Frontline allergy
June 18, 2010 05:54PM
About 3 days ago I applied Frontline on my 10 year old boxer. She was totally normal prior to the application. The next day, both of her eyes were swollen and the whites of her eyes were bright red. Day two we notice an oval lump the size of a uncracked pecan on her front leg. Bringing her into the vet today. This is the 2nd time I have witnessed a reaction to frontline in one of my dogs. I will never, ever, use this product or other similar products again. Time to find an alternative. Any ideas?
Re: Frontline allergy
June 19, 2010 05:57AM
I have 2 dogs, both young and healthy. I used Frontline Plus for the first time, on both dogs, Saturday June 12 at approximately 1300. That evening I noticed a couple of welts across Bella's shoulders and that she seemed quite uncomfortable and was repeatedly trying to chew her back and shoulders. Thinking it was a localized reaction to the Frontline I rinsed her with cool water and rubbed the irritated area with an ice cube. She seemed settled after that and we went to bed for the night. The following morning I awoke to a dog with a hideously swollen face and welts upon welts not only on her shoulders but down her front legs and a portion of her back. She had chewed herself raw and many areas were bloody. Off to the Emergency Vet we went. After two days she came home on Uniphyl, prednisone and diphenhydramine in addition to a shampoo to help alleviate the discomfort. And a collar to prevent her from ripping her skin off. As the week progressed so did the welts. Across her back and eventually down her tail and back legs. She is a mass of open, oozing, and crusted sores. When I wet her down at night to bathe her there are hundreds of pin-prick red welts still all over her skin. Her fur is falling out. She's off her food and I am cooking for her. She is improving. Her face and head are no longer swollen and her skin is healing in the front part of her body. But, the welts and sores continue on the back half of her body. She goes to the vet tomorrow. I called Merial to report this horrific incident and they established a "case" but said their product is safe to use and offered no assistance nor guidance. My other dog Val, she was much more fortunate.

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